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Post  felizamor on Sun Sep 05, 2010 1:59 pm

Character Name: felizamor.

Age:13 nearly 14.

What is you're final goal on GameBefore 517?: my final goal on gamebefore 517 is to become a very known player and to help the new and the old and to punish the evil ones Twisted Evil .

Why u think u Need to be Player-Moderator?: i think i should be a player moderator because im awalys active a fair player a very helpful person.. im a very happy moderator but if people break the rules my bad sad will start to show and will have to punish them even if they are my mate's. Evil or Very Mad.

How u will help people in game?: Il help people in game by helping to get money item's and other item's they may need and i will listen to there ideas for the server.

Ur gonna abuse/Glitch or any kind of that?:No and will never.

Name? (irl):Igor


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