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Post  mirror on Fri Sep 10, 2010 12:48 pm


What is you're final goal on GameBefore 517?:My final goal would probably to get more then 50+ players and 500+ votes on this server

Why u think u Need to be Player-Moderator?:I think i need player-moderator because i would be able to do yell and tell everyone to vote and peopel would believe me more if i were a mod when im just trying to help them

How u will help people in game?:I will help new players/old players or in between any way i can except i cna not give out stuff or do drop partys to keep the economy nice and good

Ur gonna abuse/Glitch or any kind of that?:I would never ever abuse/glitch.

Name? (irl):David

F.y.i I have been admin on a server called sweet scape but sadly it has closed down


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