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hunter's moderator application. Empty hunter's moderator application.

Post  hunters on Sat Sep 25, 2010 8:52 am

Character Name:Hunter


What is you're final goal on GameBefore 517?:There isn't much of a final goal for me I just play it as i go on, not much for me to go for Smile maybe 99 fletching.(for a goal)

Why u think u Need to be Player-Moderator?:I've played for about 2 weeks (if i remember correctly)and I don't really know why I should get it but maybe because I can be of assistence.

How u will help people in game?:I will help people in the game with whatever problems that I myself can help with. / player disputes/glitching/abusive players/spammers-hackers/and dealing with anyone that breaks a rule.

Ur gonna abuse/Glitch or any kind of that?:No I will not abuse the status of moderator or glitch and will play the game as normally as I do now.

Name? (irl):Hunter cheers


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