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Bad News.. :/ Empty Bad News.. :/

Post  Rc on Tue Sep 28, 2010 7:28 am

guys.. iv'e got bad news.. I can run my server for like 2-7 days :/ My laptop has crashed and i got to buy new pc or get an new one. i very very very VERY! need donations to my paypal: for vps.. to run server (I haz backup) Of my server so i have to run it via vps or i have to wait till new pc..

Anyway if i got new pc ill make an:

562 with:

All skills (or almost)
Soul Wars
nice lvling
good pvp
working ancients/lunars
all magic spells (or almost)
nice shops
working slayer tasks.

And alot more..
If u think this is an nice idea...
please tell me.

Please keep in mind.

that i spend 400$ for u guys to got the server 24/7... for 2-3 months..
U guys cost me 400$.. :/
I will not give u any angry things because its also my fold..

Anyway ill buy or get another pc soon!
so ill gfet 24/7 vps also.
So this will not cost me alot money for the next time.

SO KEEP IN MIND!!! I WILL -NOT- Quit runescape private servers..
Ill just make another =D

Thanks... mod Rc/Mod Drain/Hydra

Sad i hope u understand my sadness..

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